Signs that your biker girl or biker guy is lying

As we all know, a healthy relationship between biker men and biker women is based on mutual trust. However, another well acknowledged fact is that lying is one of the most common human behaviors. So it might seem to be a little bit contradictory, but knowing how to tell if your biker girl or biker guy is lying is of great importance to your relationship. Some surveys conducted by a few online biker dating sites have suggested that 98.9% of Harley motorcycle riders admit have lied in their relationships. Seeing this shockingly high number, it is normal to start wondering whether the visiting a female friend story is true or there is another story behind it. Don’t worry, before your imagination wanders way beyond reality, there are a few tips that might help you before accuse your male Harley rider or female Harley rider wrongly.

Body language is one of the most effective ways when it comes to detecting lies in a Harley dating between biker dudes and biker chicks. Here are some standard suggestions that strongly suggest that he or she is not telling the truth. Avoiding eye contact constantly or nose rubbing are commonly known as lying signs. However, free motorcycle websites have come up with a brand new theory suggesting that some body movements such as shifting eyes as well as fidgeting do not necessarily mean that the biker babe is lying, he or she is probably simply thinking. While body language is very useful for us to detect lies in real life, the key is still based on how well you understand the other half who also enjoys Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.

Another way to tell whether the motorcycle girl or motorcycle guy is lying is to ask questions. However, not random ones. Asking questions regarding the story that they are telling can greatly increase the accuracy of lie detection. It is simply because lying is much more mentally demanding than telling the truth itself, thus once you add one more cognitive complexity to it, your lying man biker or women biker( if he or she is lying) will eventually reveal their real color.
Last but not least, trust your instinct. Study have shown that more than 50% of motorcycle chicks felt that things have gone wrong before discovered their Harley girls or Harley guy cheating on them. Therefore trusting your own feelings and instinct can also be a great tool to detect lies.

Keep in mind that most people lie from time to time, single Harley riders and motorcycle babes are not an exception. They can be making white lies in order to protect themselves or someone or lying for their own good. Figuring out their purpose is even more important.