Meet Local Bikers site is great for biker singles

Motorcycle riding, long been regarded as a dangerous sport, now has gained a growing acceptance in today’s society where people’s mentality evolves rapidly. However, when compared to traveling, hiking or gaming, biking still remains to be a niche hobby, which also creates an enormous difficulty for biker singles to meet other like minded bikers who share the same motorcycle riding lifestyle. Danial Lee, a veteran biker with 12 years of motorcycle riding experience as well as an expert programmer, after being discouraged by several failed attempts on mainstream online dating websites, made up his mind to create his own biker online dating platform catering only to Harley motorcycle lovers. After 2 years of painstaking work of investigation on biker dating market, today’s most famous and the largest online biker dating site MeetLocalBikers was launched.

As one of the few pioneer of the industry of Harley motorcycle online dating websites, Meet Local Bikers has succeeded in helping more than 1.5 millions Harley biker girls and biker guys connect with each other virtually. The high success rate can be mainly attributed to its sheer size of member base. Since the establishment year of 2008, Meet Local Bikers has attracted a total of 8.3 millions Harley motorcycle singles and according to the statistics by May, 2018, the current Harley member base consists of 3.2 millions registered Harley biker enthusiasts among whom, motorcycle females represent 51.5% and motorcycle dudes 48.5%. Aside from the impressing number, the diversity of the biker member base marks another highlight of the expert Harley dating site designed exclusively for biker lovers. With Harley motorcycle riders from 23 countries, 5 continents and 13 ethnicity, motorcycle singles can easily get a taste of other culture and appreciate the beauty of diversity.

For other similar biker dating websites, quantity doesn’t necessarily stand for its quality. Not so with MeetLocalBikers, who has been long time dedicated to maintain the high quality of Harley biker member base. With a mandatory requirement of submitting the information of ID card before being able to create a biker’s profile, the identity of every registered Harley motorcycle will be thoroughly verified. Moreover, Harley riders with a driver’s license will be featured as “Certified Harley biker”, which earns them twice as much exposure to potential compatible Harley bikers. When it comes to suspicious motorcycle members or activity, some manual research will be done in order to prevent any faker or scams from entering the website.

MeetLocalBikers also outshines other biker dating websites with its unique and advanced Harley matching system. After answering 60 carefully selected questions covering different aspects of the personality of Harley biker enthusiasts, all the matching function will be operated based on a deep level of personality, which multiplies the chance greatly for Harley singles to successfully conduct an active social life and end up in a meaningful relationship with a special Harley motorcycle rider.

In 2017, Meet Local Bikers is honored to be the biggest contributor to the biking community for carrying forward the responsibility of promoting the understanding among the tremendous amount of people who are passionate about motorcycle riding culture.