How I Met My Harley Motorcycle Rider Online

Nowadays, a huge number of male Harley riders and female Harley riders have chosen to meet other like-minded biker lovers online. To successfully meet a biker guy or biker girls, there are hundreds of thousands of biker dating tips for your reference. However, few true love story happened online have ever come to the fore, which is also why I decided to write down my own story of how I met my Harley motorcycle rider on free Harley dating sites.

Like a lot of biker girls and biker guys who have never tried online motorcycle dating before, I wasn’t too optimistic about online biker dating. However, a friend of mind who is also a fan of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle talked me into trying it out.

When I first signed up on the free online biker dating site, I was pretty amazed by how professional the website has been designed in order to optimize the chance for biker girls and biker guys to find love. There are a different variety of features that cater to the needs of different motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys. You can search the registered biker chicks as well as biker dudes using different criteria such as age, height, hobby and even distance. Furthermore, the feature called HangOUT expanded your chance of meeting other Harley girls and Harley guys. It was also how I met the biker babe.

It was a sunny day when I felt like a motorcycle riding on a remote valley with someone special. That’s why I posted a hangout request, only five minutes later, I received a messaged asking to join me on a Harley Davidson bike ride. I didn’t pay much attention to the profile before I said yes to the request. The motorcycle babe turns out to be a stunning biker lady with thick curly hair in a leather jacket. That wasn’t anything but love from the first site. I fell for this beautiful motorcycle women who share the same passion of Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and Harley Davidson bike with me. As we get to know to each other further more, things have gotten even more interesting since we compensate each other in a perfect way. I am more of a pessimist who has no expectation for anything, and the opposite of what you would consider as a talkative person. And my Harley babe bring a huge amount of positive energy in my life and love to express herself freely. The time spent with her was comfortable, satisfying and pressure free. And I finally decided to take the relationship between the man biker and women biker to a brand new level. I finally got the courage to ask her to be my biker girlfriend in order to maintain a healthy, stable and long-term relationship with the biker chick that I would cherish for life. And guess what, she said yes without even a second thought!

If you are looking forward to meeting a compatible Harley motorcycle rider, give online biker dating sites a try!