Biker Planet is the No.2 biker dating site

As technology advances at a rapid speed and mentality evolves enormously, the society has witnessed the change of people’s attitude towards online dating, which, for a tremendous amount of biker singles, is a significant part of their lives. As long as biker dating site has its charm for its high efficiency of conducting an active social life as well as the greatly widened possibility of meeting another biker single with whom you might never intersected with if it’s not for internet. However, regardless of all the possibility that motorcycle online dating has, the uneven quality of certain biker dating websites failed to live up to the expectation motorcycle lovers had and made lots of biker enthusiasts step back. In order to find the best online dating website catering only to biker singles, our website has conducted a survey and collected opinions from more than 200,000 harley singles and finally, the number one motorcycle online dating website came to the BikerPlanet.

Being a pioneer since 2009, BikerPlanet has gained a huge member base consisting of more than 4.1 millions registered biker lovers from 45 countries over the past 10 years. The sheer volume of member base, which undoubtedly outshines other similar biker online dating websites, has greatly multiplied the chance for a motorcycle single meeting another biker lover with a deep level of compatibility. Even though the quantity doesn’t stand for its quality for sure, BikerPlanet has been sparing no effort to optimize the quality of its biker members. With a series of uniquely designed procedures to confirm the authenticity of the user’s identity with the purpose to prevent fakers and scams from entering the biker dating website, there hasn’t been a single case of report in the past 10 years.

Moreover, aside from the massive member base and strict policy of safety, the great number of veteran and professional bikers marks also one of the main highlights of BikerPlanet. Among 1.2 millions registered harley biker with more than 5 years of motorcycle riding experience, 40% of them are either international certified bikers or have been to rallies of national level or above. In order to promote the understanding among registered harley bikers, BikerPlanet launched a brand new section in 2017 called “bond with experienced biker” where veteran motorcycle rider and amateur biker enthusiasts gather together to share their biking experience, stories and advice. It is not only a social net work where bikers can reinforce their knowledge about motorcycle riding culture, but also a romantic garden where biker women and biker men develop a feeling with each other.

If you are still holding a reluctant attitude because of your timidness, Biker Planet provides all the motorcycle members with a whole session of expert dating advice including 3 separated sections: “send an ice breaker”, “hold a meaningful conversation” and “ask my biker lover out”. Numerous biker have benefited from it and had successful biker dating.

For those who are passionate about motorcycle riding lifestyle and also eager to find a compatible biker companion to share the joy with, BikerPlanet is your top choice.